The Best Action Camera Under 200 $ In 2021

Best action camera under 200 $ in 2021

When looking for the best action camera under 200 $, you’d be surprised to see a number of budget options that would give GoPro and DJI a run for their money. These budget action cameras boast both excellent features and video quality. And despite their reasonable price, these waterproof cameras are capable of shooting 4K, offer image stabilization, feature WiFi connectivity, and at their best offer touch screens. But don’t be surprised to also see an older model of your GoPro for under 200 $ now.

What we like about action cameras is their flexibility in terms of usability as well as prices. They can be used for different shooting styles, for instance, you can mount them on your helmet, fix them on your dashboard or carry them in your pocket for your on-the-go quick vlogging. These cameras are at the same time available at cheaper prices than other camera types. For instance, you can find excellent options in the list of best action cameras under 100 $. And interestingly you can go all the way down and find some basic action cameras for under 50 $ also.

But here in our list of best action cameras under 200 $. We didn’t choose any basic cameras. We made sure that you get an action camera that brings the best of both features and value for money. Have a look at these excellent little beasts.

10 Best Action Cameras Under 200 $ In 2021

1. Dragon Touch 4K

Megapixel: 16 MP | Resolution: 4K at 30fps | Water Proofing: Yes | Connectivity: Wi-Fi | Screen type: 2-inch screen | Image Stabilizer: Lacks proper image stabilizer | Battery Life: 1.5 hr

The best action camera under 200
  • Waterproof at 100-feet
  • Adjustable lens angle
  • Touch screen
  • 4x optical zoom
  • Not mac compatible
  • Compromise video quality at slow motion

Dragon Touch 4K is the best action camera under 200 $ that provides you with a 4K video. It is a wireless wrist remote control action camera that helps in recording the moments conveniently, even at places you can’t reach. This can be placed at 33 meters below water and fixed on your helmet to record the event with 2 rechargeable 1050 mAh batteries. It has a nice, high-quality, polaroid-inspired style model. Its features are unique and have no comparison to other models. It has a zooming power of 4x for the close-ups, and it can take shots of 4K videos at 30 fps. It has a touch screen display which makes the zooming feature easier as all you have to do is pinch on the screen. It has an angle-adjustable lens with an adjusting capacity from 70 degrees to 170 degrees with other basic features.

The color presentation in the videos is flawless, and the still images are impeccable that sets them apart, and are worth sharing. Dragon touch has a collection of shooting modes that includes image rotation, driving mode, exposure, brightness balancing, and drama shot functions. For setting the driving mode, you have to use it as a dashcam by turning on the image rotation function. It also has time-lapse recording, loop recording, and slow-motion recording modes. With the dragon touch, you will enjoy more than just basic functions in an action camera.

2. Campark ACT74

Megapixel: 16 MP | Resolution: 4K at 30fps | Water Proofing: Yes | Connectivity: Wi-Fi | Screen type: 2-inch screen | Image Stabilizer: lacks proper image stabilizer | Battery Life: 3 hr

The best action camera under $200
  • The angle of vision is 170 degrees
  • JPEG pic format
  • Exposure control system
  • Time-lapse recording
  • Sounds muffled during underwater recording

This manageable designed action camera is equipped with the Sony sensor to record the videos at ultra HD resolution. It is one of the best for underwater recording with a front-facing LED. For someone who is a passionate adventurer, Campark ACT74 is an excellent choice that comes under budget with useful features. It is easy to use and set up easily so you can shoot and record the videos on the spot without any hassle. The camera has an angle of vision of 170 degrees. This vision angle is chosen when you want to take the picture in which foreground and background are merged. It has a collection of mounting accessories with it as it is supplied with over tens of it. It has loop recording, slow-motion, and time-lapse recording functions.

It can function deep down in the water up to 98 feet. The waterproof case helps keep this action camera dry for up to 30 minutes and has good quality underwater footage. It has two rechargeable batteries that have a life of 90 minutes for each battery. The life of the battery also depends on usage. To connect the action camera with monitor and TV screens, HDMI and USB ports are located on their sides to view the pictures and videos. It has a live Wi-Fi function and good video quality that makes it worth considering. With an impressive and high-rated view, it is amazingly affordable.

3. Apeman A80

Megapixel: 20MP | Resolution: 4K at 30fps | Water Proofing: Yes | Connectivity: Wi-Fi | Screen type: 2-inch screen | Image Stabilizer: Yes | Battery Life: 1.5 hr

The best action camera under 200$
  • Gyroscope and image stabilization
  • HDMI, SD and AV video format
  • 6 layer lens
  • Advanced recording modes
  • Bright LCD screen
  • Each battery consumes 3 hours to recharge

This is another best action camera under 200 $ that would be something good to invest in when you are willing to spend on an action camera within your budget with good video quality. It has an upgraded waterproof camera that can record 40 meters below water. With its incredibly affordable price, it comes with 24 mounting accessories that include a waterproof case that allows underwater recording up to the depth of 40 meters. You can choose from its four viewing angles between 70 degrees to 170 degrees.

With its anti-shaking ability and motion detection feature, this has a smooth operating system that fits your budget. You can choose to record the video in 4K or 1080p with the lighting conditions. It has an image stability gyroscopes function that records fast movements easily. It gives an amazing result with incredible shoots from shooting the football match to climbing and diving from a cliff. Its motion detection function starts recording the video as it detects motion and stops recording if movement stops in 10 seconds. This saves the battery life and consumes less charge. The video and image recording has a wide range of loop recording, time-lapse, and slow-motion recording. Its 6-layer lens and image stabilization function make it worthy of consideration.

4. Akaso EK7000 Pro 4K

Megapixel: 16 MP | Resolution: 4K at 25fps | Water Proofing: Yes | Connectivity: Wi-Fi | Screen type: 3-inch tilted touch screen | Image Stabilizer: Yes | Battery Life: 1.5 hr

The best budget action camera
  • 170 degrees field of view
  • Four shooting modes
  • 15 mounting accessories
  • Time-lapse and burst photo functions
  • The sound muffled with a waterproof case

It is arguably the best underbudget camera that is all you need. It is very well designed and convenient to use. It is best for diving and water sport with an underwater recording capacity of up to 40 meters deep. Its diving mode enables the video recording in the absence of red light underwater and guarantees underwater shots as incredible and amazing as they are on land. The electronic image stabilization feature ensures that the footage is recorded smoothly when the object moves fast or records the subject in action.

On the other hand, its adjustable viewing angle controls the footage from narrow to extra-wide. Video quality and still image resolution are flawless that enabling you to take realistic shots. It has a recording feature of 4K at 25fps, 2.7k videos at 30fps, and 1080p videos at 60fps. These three features of video recording are so thoughtful because recording high-resolution videos take up more space. If longer footage is to be shot, it can be turned to 1080p and recorded at 60fps. Not a single activity can be missed when you have such a variety of high frame rates. The camera can be wirelessly controlled using a remote through its built-in Wi-Fi. With this action camera, you get an impressive picture quality at even shutter speed and capture your stills at 16MP.

5. Akaso Brave 4

Megapixel: 20MP | Resolution: 4K at 24fps | Water Proofing: Yes | Connectivity: Wi-Fi | Screen type: 2-inch tilted IPS screen | Image Stabilizer: Yes | Battery Life: 1.5 hr

Th best cheap action camera
  • Collection of mounting accessories
  • Headphone accessory kit
  • Good sealing with case
  • Adjustable camera with the angle between 70 and 170 degrees
  • Video quality is better in HD than in 4K

Akaso Brave 4 is an upgrade of Akaso EK7000 which is the best-selling model of this brand. This action camera records 4K footage at 24fps and 2K footage at 30fps while recording its slow-motion footage at full HD. The images are captured at a high resolution of 20MP. Within the budget price, it has an amazing image quality. The view angle is adjustable between 70 degrees to 170 degrees, and it has the anti-shake feature due to the built-in gyroscope.

For underwater activities, this action camera does an incredible job and is an excellent choice for that. It is waterproof up to 100 feet deep in water. It has a wireless remote-control wristband that operates the camera under the water by simply touching the buttons to switch between different shooting modes and can zoom and narrow down the subjects up to 5 times. It has a collection of such impressive mounting accessories with no extra cost to it. It comes at a reasonable price with these features and qualities, making it the best under-a-budget camera you can get in 2021.

6. SJCAM SJ7 Star

Megapixel: 12MP | Resolution: 4K at 30fps | Water Proofing: Yes | Connectivity: Wi-Fi | Screen type: 2-inch LCD touch screen | Image Stabilizer: Yes | Battery Life: 1-2 hr.

  • External mic availability
  • Adjustable wide camera lens
  • Battery life could be longer
  • 4K footage is not stabilize

SJCAM SJ7 Star is a desirable choice when you do not want to lighten your pockets for a good quality action camera. In the SJCAM brand, the SJCAM SJ7 Star is a GoPro alternative with convincing video quality. This action camera has the amazing feature of capturing your photos at 12 MP with 4K at 30 fps recording. It has an underwater recording function with a waterproof case and allows to use of different fantastic features. It has a high-resolution camera that gives excellent quality pictures with nice details. It has a bunch of mounting accessories with it to get better results.

SJCAM SJ7 Star is a waterproof action camera and comes with 2 rechargeable batteries 1050 mAh. Its protective case is waterproof, and image-resistant helps capture the videos underwater even at 30 meters deep down. Its long-life batteries and an external charger make it easier to record wonderful moments. It has a wide vision angle that ranges up to 170 degrees. Its image stabilization feature record smooth and good quality videos and the electronic image stabilization is for anti-shaking purposes. It has a gyro stabilization to record slow-motion and time-lapse. It is helpful when recording fast movements and helps to minimize the blurring with less movement effect. At this affordable price, this sports action camera is highly recommended. 

7. ThiEYE T5e

Megapixel: 16 MP | Resolution: 4K at 30fps | Water Proofing: Yes | Connectivity: Wi-Fi | Screen Type: 2-inch IPS touch screen | Image Stabilizer: Yes | Battery Life: 1.15 hr

  • Sony IMX117 sensor
  • Ambarella A12S processor
  • 360-degree rotating buckle
  • None

Most of the action camera has a waterproof coverage for up to 50 to 100 feet, but ThiEye T5e is 197 feet waterproof, making it the best choice for underwater footage. It has a wide 170-degree vision angle. For the amazing color presentation and light performance, it has a Sony IMX117 sensor and Ambarella A12S processor.

It has a high resolution of shooting 4K videos at 30fps and around 240 fps for slow-motion recording. It has a bundle of mounting accessories that includes 2 x 1100 mAh batteries with a life of 150 minutes. For capturing panoramic shots, it has a 360-degree rotating buckle. This also stabilizes the camera and electronic image stabilization EIS gives smooth quality videos. ThiEye T5e is an excellent choice and the best action camera under 200 $ with amazing features. 

8. Sony HDRAS50/B

Megapixel: 11.1 MP | Resolution: 4K at 30fps | Water Proofing: Yes | Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Blue-tooth | Screen Type: No touch screen | Image Stabilizer: Yes | Battery Life: 2.30 hr

  • 11.1MP Exmore R Sensor
  • Zeiss Lens
  • Stereo mic
  • 6 video modes
  • None

HDRAS50 action camera of Sony has impeccable results and impressive features at a budget price. It has an 11.1MP Exmor R sensor that captures full HD videos and bright pictures even in low light. Not to forget to mention its Zeiss lens addition that provides a wide-angle, low light performance and overexposure. It includes a standard feature of steady-shot image stabilization that shoots the perfect videos during fast movements. It has 6 videos shooting mood including 4K time-lapse recording mode.

It is excellent for water sports as it is waterproof for up to 60 meters deep in water. With its stereo mic, it gives crystal clear audio recording in a two-track stereo. It also got a blue tooth and wireless connectivity. Sony HDRSA50 is the best choice for YouTubers and bloggers who wants vibrant colors and clear audio in their footage. 

9. GoPro Hero7 White

Megapixel: 10 MP | Resolution: 4K at 30fps | Water Proofing: Yes | Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth | Screen Type: 2-inch tilted touch screen | Image Stabilizer: Yes | Battery Life: 3 hr

Best GoPro under 200
  • Connectable to an external microphone
  • Touch screen
  • Voice command set up
  • Voltage regulator with 6 axes
  • None

GoPro hero7 is a multipurpose action camera and a brilliant choice for users who are looking for a handy sports camera at a reasonable price. For the second running year, GoPro Hero7 White has been awarded the best budget action camera in T3Awards 2020. It is jerk resistant and is waterproof up to 10 meters without the protective cover. Its sunlight-friendly touch screen is incredibly responsive and gives quick access to playback and settings.

It has a non-removable battery that needs a recharge after 2 hours of usage. GoPro Hero7 white has a stunning addition of voice control. Now the recording is as easy as saying ‘start recording’ and then it starts after a beep. With the impressive modes, you will find the difference in shooting. Its low light mode turns on when shooting in darker places like under a tree shade. With all these notable features it is a top-ranked action camera. And now available at a very reasonable price, GoPro hero7 is your best action camera for under 200 $ only.

10. YI 4K Action Camera

Megapixel: 12MP | Resolution: 4K at 30fps | Water Proofing: Yes | Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Blue-tooth | Screen Type: 2.19-inch touch screen | Image Stabilizer: Yes Battery Life: 2 hr

  • Extreme image stabilization EIS
  • 2.19-inch gorilla glass cover
  • Sony IM377 sensor
  • None

Finally, the last best action camera under 200 $ that we recommend to you is YI 4K action camera. YI 4K action camera gives you smooth, high-resolution videos within 200$ dollar budget. It captures 4K at 30fps and has a gyroscope and Extreme Image stabilization EIS that makes it shock-resistant when it’s moving fast. It can also shoot slow-motion videos at 240fps at 720p, which is 4 times the GoPro slow-motion specification.

It has an impressive design that is manageable, and a 2.19-inch LCD touchscreen helps you control it easily. It also has a voice command feature. The LCD screen is protected with gorilla glass protection that protects the screen from scratches. It has a highly rechargeable thin lithium-ion battery that gives long battery life. With its Sony IMX377 sensor and Ambarella A12s, you will get more clear and detailed recordings. It has Wi-Fi and a blue-tooth feature that helps in editing and sharing your pictures and videos.

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