Different Types Of Dash Cams And Their Pros And Cons

Different types of dash cams in 2022


A dash cam or a dashboard camera is also referred to as Car DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or Automative Blackbox Recorder.

It is simply a security camera for vehicles usually installed on the dashboard or windscreen of the car or the bus. However, Motorcycle dash cams are also very popular among riders.

Dash cams have many advantages and a few disadvantages that you need to be aware of. However, they come with many useful features today. And most people would agree that they are the most popular type of security cameras among vehicle owners these days.

Different Types Of Dash Cams

There are many different types of dash cameras available on the market today, each with its own unique benefits and drawbacks. Here is a look at some of the most popular types of dash cams:

1. Single Lens Dash Cam

A single lens dash cam is the most popular type of dash cam, and is usually referred to as the basic dash cam or the traditional dash cam. As the name suggests, this type of dash cam has only one camera lens, which is typically mounted in the center of the front windshield. This type of dash cam provides a complete view of the road ahead and can be helpful in capturing things like traffic accidents or road rage incidents. However, its disadvantage is that it doesn’t record anything that’s happening besides in the cabin or on the back road.


– More affordable than multi-lens dash cams

– Easy to install and use


– May miss events that happen outside the field of view of the camera

2. Dual Lens Dash Cam

Dual lens dash cams have two lenses usually side by side, one that faces out the front windshield and one that faces into the cabin of the car. The advantage of this type of dash cam is that it’s great for recording both the view out the front windshield and what’s going on inside the car interior. It is ideal for bus drivers, Taxi drivers, and Rideshare drivers who want to keep an eye on the passengers. However, they do not provide clear footage of the back road.


– Records both the view out the front windshield and the interior of the car

– Easy to install


– More expensive than single-lens dash cams

3. Rear View Dash Cam

A rear view dash cam is a type of dash cam that mounts to the rear window of your vehicle. This provides a view of what is happening behind the car, which helps you keep an eye on the traffic behind you in traffic lanes and can be helpful in avoiding accidents while reversing the car during parking. These days most advanced cars come with rearview dash cams pre-installed. However, stand alone this dash cam doesn’t provide footage of neither the cabin or the road ahead.


– Keeps an eye on traffic behind you

– Easy to install


– Does not provide a view of the road ahead

4. Front and Rear View Dash Cam

A front and rear view dash cam is a type of dash cam that uses two camera lenses and mounts one to the front windshield and the other one at the rear windshield of the car. This provides a complete view of what is happening on the front and back road of the car, which can be helpful in avoiding accidents by keeping an eye on traffic on both the back and front. It’s also helpful in providing complete evidence during accidents whether the car is hit from the front or back. However, dual dash cams in this setup cost more and are difficult to install and setup.


– Keeps an eye on traffic in front and behind the car

– Easy to install


– More expensive than single or dual lens dash cams

– Doesn’t record the interior of the car

– May come with wiring and require professional installation

5. 360 Degree Dash Cam

A 360 degree dash cam is the newest type of dash cam that captures video in all directions. Different types of 360 degree dash cams operate in different ways. Some 360-degree dash cam models use a single fish-eye lens to capture the panoramic view of your car surroundings with a single camera. While other models use multi-channel camera combinations mounted on your car’s interior and exterior to cover a full 360-degree field of view with the help of multiple lenses. 360 Degree Dash cam is great for recording everything that’s happening inside and around the car, not just in one direction. However, they are expensive than other types of dash cams and can be complex to set up and install.


– Provides full coverage of the inside and the outside of the car in all directions

– Provides beautiful panoramic footage (birds eye view).


– Expensive

– May have blind spots depending on the type of 360-degree dash cam you have

– May need professional installation, in case of multi-channel models

Final words: So, which type of dashcam is best for your vehicle?

The best type of dashcam for your vehicle depends on your needs and budget. For instance, those who own vehicles for their personal use may be better off with a single-lens dash cam since it provides an affordable solution. Similarly, commercial fleets owners, bus drivers, and taxi owners may find dual dash cam as a safer option to keep an eye on the road and the passengers at the same time. And those who can afford it may go with dashcams with better and complete coverage such as front and rear dash cams and the more expensive 360 dash cams.


Which is better: high resolution or low resolution dash cams?

There are several factors to consider when making a decision about which type of dash cam to purchase. The most important factor is probably the specific needs of the driver. For example, if a driver wants to be able to capture fine details in their footage, then a full high definition (FHD) dash cam would be the best option. Infact, some would argue Ultra high defination (UHD) 4K over full high defination (FHD) 1080p. On the other hand, if a driver is mostly concerned with being able to capture clear footage of an event, then a lower high defination (HD) resolution dash cam might be a better choice. However, getting lower than that isn’t recommended.

Another factor to consider is the storage capacity of the dash cam. High resolution dash cams tend to have larger files sizes than their low resolution counterparts. This means that they will fill up a memory card or hard drive more quickly. For this reason, it is important to make sure that the dash cam has enough storage capacity to meet the driver’s needs.

Finally, the price of the dash cam should also be considered. High resolution dash cams are generally more expensive than their low resolution counterparts. However, when considering the overall benefits of owning a dash cam, the price may be worth it.

What are the differences between a dash cam and a body cam??

A dash cam is a type of camera that is typically mounted on the dashboard or windshield of a vehicle. Body cams are worn by law enforcement officers and capture footage from the perspective of the officer. Dash cams typically have wider fields of view than body cams, but body cams often have better resolution and audio quality.

What is the difference between a single-lens and a dual-lens dash cam?

A single-lens dash cam only has one camera, while a dual-lens dash cam has two cameras. Single-lens dash cams typically only record footage on the front of the car, while dual-lens dash cams can record footage on both the front and the inside of the car.

Which type of dash cam do you recommend and why??

We recommend getting a dash cam that has both front and rear facing cameras. This way, you have footage of what is happening in front of and behind your vehicle. We also recommend getting a dash cam with GPS so that you can track your location and speed. And finally, we recommend getting a dash cam with night vision so that you can still record footage even in low light conditions.

How can I choose the best camera for my car??

There are a few things to consider when choosing the best camera for your car. The most important factor to look for is probably the quality of the camera. You’ll want to make sure that the camera you choose produces clear, sharp images. Another important consideration is the price. You’ll find that there are a wide range of prices for different cameras, so it’s important to find one that fits your budget. Finally, consider the features that are important to you. Some cameras come with night vision or motion detection, for example, which can be useful if you’re using the camera for security purposes. With these factors in mind, you should be able to find the best dash cam for your car.

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