What Is A Dash Cam And Why Is it Important For Your Vehicle?

Dash cam advantages and disadvantages

What is a dash cam?

A dash cam is a dashboard camera, as the name implies. It is sometimes also referred to as Car DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or Automative Blackbox Recorder. It is simply an in-car camera usually installed on the dashboard or windscreens of cars and buses. There are many different types of dash cams. And Motorcycle dash cams are also famous among riders these days.

What is a dash cam used for?

The Dashcam is the security camera designed and used for the surveillance and safety of the vehicle and to keep track of events. They have become very popular throughout the USA and all over the world for the safety and convenience they provide.

Why is the dash cam important for your car?

Dash camera is a vital and integral part of a safer and secure ride in the modern era. It is important for your car because it secures your vehicle by monitoring it and also comes in handy by providing evidence when the driver is in undesirable situations for instance road accidents, road rages, and false tickets.

Advantages Of A Dash Cam

Dash cam comes with many advantages which are why their popularity has been hyped among vehicle owners in the past few years. Let’s talk about the benefits they offer.

1. Record Accidents

No matter how much undesired, unfortunately, accidents do happen on the roads. And when they happen, you’ll likely need a piece of recorded evidence to secure you from wrong accusations when you are not at the fault or responsible for the accident. Some dash cams, such as 360 dash cams, record all actions around your vehicle while you’re driving or parked. And when such a situation arises, the advantage is that the dash cam will provide you with video evidence to reassure the truth in such events and scenarios.

2. Provide Security

Dash cameras provide you with recorded evidence to locate the cause of potential damage or wrongdoing when your car is parked and unattended. These cameras can be set to turn on when motion is detected around your vehicle and can record attempted break-ins, vandalism, or hit and run incidents. These cameras also provide you recorded evidence and protection if you are an Uber driver or a rideshare driver and get into trouble with an uncanny passenger. Or when you are driving your car and falsely get pulled over by traffic police when you haven’t broken the law.

3. Enforce Accountability

Dash Cams create a stronger sense of accountability for drivers who are aware of their responsibility for safe conduct on the road. And if they practice any unsafe driving technique, they have to confront their mistakes that are being caught and recorded on a Dash Cam. It helps the driver to not repeat the mistake. And also when the driver knows that he is being recorded, he will often be cautious enough to drive safely and smarter.

4. Improve Driving

Drivers who have just driven back home safely after driving sleepy or drunk may never realize how risky and unlawful a thing they have just tried until they watch their video. Dash cams provide the drivers with recordings that they can watch later and see for the mistakes like such, and many more like not keeping a proper eye on the road or engaging with their phones.

5. Facilitate Drivers

Apart from all the basic features, the best dash cam today comes with navigation, lane departure, collision warning, and many more features that facilitate the driver and make driving more comfortable and fun.

6. Reduce Insurance Premiums

Many insurance companies offer discounts on premiums if you have a dash cam installed in your car. This is because footage from the dash cam can be used to help determine who is at fault in an accident, making claims cheaper and easier to settle. Some insurers will give you a discount just for having a dash cam, while others will only offer a discount if you agree to share the footage with them after an accident.

If your insurer doesn’t offer a discount, it may be worth shopping around for one that does.

Disadvantages Of A Dash Cam

After analyzing all the advantages of dash cams it doesn’t seem like there could be any disadvantage of a dash cam other than that you have to pay for it when you buy it. But let’s talk about a few minor ones.

1. Cost

Yes, dash cams can be costly. A normal dash cam can cost you from 20 to 100 dollars each and this price increases as you add up advanced features. The most advanced dash cams can cost you from 300 to 400 $ and even more.

2. May Cause Distraction

It would be rather ironic if dashcam distracts you while driving because they are usually positioned on a blind spot on your windscreen. But they could be a distraction if positioned wrong. And some dash cams come with a display screen which can sometimes draw a driver’s attention, so, it’s better to place it out of the driver’s sight. Moreover, multiple channel dash cams usually come with a lot of wiring and may make your car interior look untidy if not installed professionally.

3. May Encourage Theft

Most dash cams come with simple installation and work after being plugged into the 12v socket of your car. While it is most unlikely to happen, it may encourage theft because these dashcams can be easily plugged out. If you want to play it safer, you can check our article on the best hidden car cameras to get your hands on some of the best hidden dash cams for cars.

4. Potential To Invade Privacy

This is the only major disadvantage of dash cams. With dash cam recording, there is always a danger of invading someone’s privacy. And with a WiFi connection, a video or picture from a dash cam can easily make it to social media and the internet causing lawsuits and troubles.

How to use a dash cam?

Dash cams should only be used for personal and safety purposes, and should not infringe on someone else’s privacy. Please check the local laws of your state regarding dash cams before buying one.

Is dash cam worth it?

Yes, without any doubt. The dash cam has become a necessity for a safer ride. And its advantages outweigh its disadvantages by far. A good dash cam may cost you a few dollars upfront but in a long run, its benefits are too compelling and are worth the money you spend on it.

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